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Small garden tables are becoming more and more popular because they have numerous advantages. Is a garden table small, it can be combined in many ways. It promotes communication and creates a feeling of togetherness. When it comes to seating, no one is at a disadvantage. On the contrary: everyone can take part in the discussions. It doesn't matter what the occasion is - snacks and meals are within easy reach of everyone at a high-quality garden table.

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Which materials are available for small garden tables from the designer MBM?

If an outdoor table is small, there are different types of materials. is particularly popular Metal such as wrought iron, stainless steel or aluminum. While wrought iron is quite heavy but has an elegant look, stainless steel and aluminum are lighter and therefore easier to transport. Besides, the garden table therefore also weatherproof.

Auch Mirotex braid is suitable as a material for outdoor tables that are small and weatherproof. They consist of high-quality exclusive fibers that are stably interwoven. Thereby are small outdoor dining tables, which consist of Mirotex mesh, very dimensionally stable and robust. In addition, these small garden tables are also weatherproof. Similar is Mirotex Twist braid. The only difference is the processing: a traditional weaving process from Indonesia is used here, which gives the garden furniture a particularly high-quality and exclusive look.

High-quality small outdoor tables as dining and side tables

At MBM you will find a variety of different small garden tables that are weatherproof. They differ in size and shape. Everything is possible, from square to round to oval tables. But which garden tables are suitable as dining tables and which as side tables?

Most are square or round garden tablesthat are slightly smaller. Rectangular and oval models, on the other hand, are usually slightly larger. These outdoor dining tables are ideal for small groups such as friends and relatives at a barbecue. Folding tables in particular offer many advantages here. Is a garden table small, it can be ideally used as a side table. If it is also foldable, its size can be flexibly changed.

At MBM you will of course also find suitable small garden chairs for exclusive and high-quality garden tables. This is how you find the perfect addition to your dream table. Simply browse through our range and see the Garden Furniture at MBM in more detail.

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