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About us

MBM is one of the few manufacturers of garden furniture that combines design, development, production and marketing under one roof. In addition to our own sales platforms, there are a large number of selected specialist dealers and partners who offer MBM design furniture and give customers of the brand competent advice. MBM even has the largest in-house production of garden furniture of all European manufacturers and importers. In addition to our company headquarters in the Munich area, this includes above all a furniture factory in Surabaya (Java, Indonesia) with 1.400 employees and a production area of ​​over 40.000 m2. Furniture made from FUREMA has been made there since 2006. Over the years, they have built up unique know-how in the production of furniture made from the extremely sustainable material, so that garden furniture is also made there for other furniture brands that also want sustainable products made from FUREMA in their range.

We focus on sustainability

Resysta Network

The demands on high-quality garden, terrace and outdoor furniture are increasing. It is no longer enough to combine unusual designs with good functionality, but products made of sustainable materials with a high level of economy are increasingly expected. MBM has recognized this trend for years and made it a main part of the entire product portfolio. We have been making furniture from the design material FUREMA for over 15 years. Over the years we have built up unique know-how in the production of furniture from the extremely sustainable material, so that our factory also produces garden furniture for other furniture brands that also want sustainable products made from FUREMA in their range.

Pioneering design in a timeless style

The design and development of our garden furniture takes place in-house in cooperation with innovative, creative and experienced specialists. Design ideas are generated hand in hand and further developed until they are ready for production. We like to be inspired by moods and special moments. We imagine what experiences our customers will have with their new MBM garden furniture and try to give shape to these moments. It is important to us not to follow every trend, since our garden furniture should remain in use for a very long time, it must also have a certain timelessness.

Production – industrial material standards and craftsmanship know-how

In our production in Surabaya, the highest material standards meet the highest level of craftsmanship. As a specialist in the production of garden furniture made from FUREMA, we benefit on the one hand from the industrial production of FUREMA, which ensures consistently high material quality. On the other hand, there is a very long tradition in furniture making in Indonesia. Originally, since 1995, mainly wooden furniture was made there. Since FUREMA can be processed in a very similar way to wood, this know-how was transferred to the FUREMA material and further developed, which means that our plant in Surabaya was able to build up unique material and production knowledge.

Our history – a design journey through time

Since the founding of the family business in 1954, we have been manufacturers of exclusive garden furniture for indoor and outdoor use. Here are the milestones in our company history:


Founded by Hugo Müller & Joseph Duna


Development of the first own furniture series in own production in Munich


First participation in international furniture fairs


MBM is growing strongly and around 100 employees


As a skilled artisan, Hugo Müller develops the first high-quality garden furniture and thus sets new design trends


Own showroom opened in Berlin


Own showroom opened in Munich


Garden furniture made of Rilsan (bio-based high-performance polyamide) is produced for the first time and is a great success thanks to its durability and quality


Expansion of production with a plant in Padua/Italy


Handover to the 2nd generation with Markus & Bernd Duna


Opening of own furniture factory in Surabaya, Indonesia


Opening of worldwide showrooms in Miami, Shanghai, Beijing, Cape Town, Buenos Aires


The first FUREMA chair is included in the range


The first complete series made from FUREMA is launched


Resysta becomes its own company - Resysta International GmbH

since 2017

consistent orientation of the product range towards furniture made from FUREMA.

MBM works together with the company Resysta on the further development of the material FUREMA for garden furniture.