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Textile garden furniture

We produce the material “MBM Tex” for our garden furniture with textile covering. It is an extremely strong nylon fabric that is particularly impressive due to its high tear resistance. The material is UV- and weather-resistant as well as water-repellent.

Garden furniture made of fabric from MBM

For MBM, in addition to the comfort of our fabric garden furniture, durability and longevity play a key role. Thanks to MBM Tex, our MBM fabric garden furniture has a high tear resistance and is at the same time extremely weather-resistant. In addition, the fabric outdoor furniture from MBM is so comfortable that you don't need a cushion. Read more about the properties of MBM Tex:

  • Extremely strong nylon fabric with high-strength stitching and welding
  • High tear resistance
  • UV-resistant
  • Permanently weatherproof
  • No pillow needed

The benefits of fabric

We at MBM offer you a wide range of products. Exclusive and modern garden furniture made of fabric (MBM Tex) is available in different colors and offers you a number of advantages:

  • Unusual and trendy colors
  • High-quality Textilene (a finely woven outdoor material)
  • Water rolls off
  • Material does not heat up because it is permeable to air

Fabric outdoor furniture – cleaning & care

The Garden Furniture from MBM are particularly easy to care for. This results from the careful processing and the water-repellent properties of the fabric garden furniture. It is best to clean your fabric garden furniture with water and a mild soap solution or commercially available cleaning products.