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Terrace design: Modern ideas & examples for a beautiful terrace

A terrace is the ideal place to spend warm summer days outside and enjoy nature. With a roof, the terrace also offers the opportunity to get some fresh air and unwind on colder or rainy days.

However, there are a few things to bear in mind when building your own terrace. In addition to patio design with furniture and décor, precise planning in advance should not be neglected. We explain what you should look for when designing a functional and beautiful terrace.

Planning for patio design – for what purpose are you planning your patio?

When planning a terrace, you should first consider the actual purpose and usage that the outdoor area will later have. Would you like to host large barbecue parties on your new terrace or does it only need to serve as a quiet retreat for you? Depending on the use, you should plan the size of your terrace, measure furniture and determine its location in advance.

Keep in mind that a terrace that is too small will quickly appear cluttered and is generally impractical. Therefore, it is better to plan a little bigger. In winter, when there is no furniture on the terrace, the space can be decorated with hardy flowers or used creatively in other ways.

Mood boards can help you plan the style of your terrace. On the Internet you will find many appealing photos of terraces, which you can simply copy into a large document according to your own taste. Use this for inspiration; it will help you discover your own decorative style.

Which direction should your terrace face?

The orientation of your terrace will depend on various factors. Many prefer a south-facing orientation, as the sun shines longest here. Note, however, that it can get very hot in high summer. In this case, appropriate sun protection should be provided.

If facing south is not possible or you want to protect yourself from the heat, there’s also nothing wrong with north- or west-facing terraces. In the morning, you will still have enough sunshine to enjoy your breakfast outside in the summer. In the afternoon, the wall of the house provides restful shade. To find out which orientation suits you best, you should observe the sun’s trajectory and try out different seating positions if necessary. This is also how to find out which view you like best.

Make sure you get the right look when designing your patio!

If you want to make your terrace particularly modern, choose a natural and simple style for decoration and furniture. Go easy on the frills and choose similar styles and colours for decoration, flooring and garden furniture as much as possible.

To create a harmonious overall combination, you can also adapt the materials used to your design. Wood has a particularly natural and harmonious effect, but also requires a lot of care. Aluminium and stainless steel, on the other hand, are particularly weather-resistant.

Patio furniture: What to watch out for!

You should also adapt your choice of patio furniture as much as possible to the intended use of your patio. If you have a large family or many friends, a large garden table with sufficient seating is a must. If you’ll use the terrace alone, a deck chair or a romantic cast-iron bench, topped with cosy cushions, is sufficient.

When buying patio furniture, look for quality! Heavy rain downpours can also occur in summer, so all furniture, cushions and pillows should be waterproof. If you like experiencing the rain up close, a protective gazebo is a great choice: use it as a shelter from the rain and sun or simply as a cosy place to relax.

Designing the floor of your terrace: Natural stone, wood or patio tiles?

Opinions differ when it comes to the choice of patio flooring. Many prefer wood because of its natural look. Wood also heats up less quickly, which makes it particularly practical and more comfortable for the feet in summer. However, wooden floorboards require more care; you should maintain and seal the floor once a year.

Stones, tiles or concrete are much easier to maintain, but often appear less inviting. Here, the choice of colour and structure is most important. Natural stones in brown or sand colours can look just as natural and harmonious as wooden panels.

What sun protection and lighting should be included in the patio design?

To protect yourself from the sun, you should plan for an appropriate device. Sun umbrellas are the classic choice, but they also take up some space and usually only protect a small area. On the other hand, awnings that can be extended according to preference provide a lot of shade. Canopies or tree tops also provide shade, but cannot be controlled.

Get creative with your choice of lighting; playful strings of light bulbs, lanterns, spotlights as well as stylish table or floor lamps create a fairytale charm on your terrace that will be especially magical on warm summer evenings.