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We didn't inherit the earth from our parents,but borrowed from our children.
We didn't inherit the earth from our parents,but borrowed from our children.

Humanity is currently consuming too many raw materials. And the earth cannot keep up with the production of these raw materials.

In the development and production of all kinds of products or even buildings, materials that can be used again and again will become increasingly important or even just allowed. We at MBM try to meet these requirements more and more: with sustainable garden furniture from Resysta.

Resysta garden furniture is recyclable

Our recycling concept has won an award: In product design, we pay attention to the effortless separation of materials in order to make the recycling process as simple as possible. So if one day you want or have to part with your furniture, you can easily recycle it - and again, and again.

We work every day to become even better in these things and to offer you products that will not only conserve our resources today, but also tomorrow.



Resysta garden furniture is environmentally friendly

Nowadays it is no longer enough to combine beautiful furniture with good functionality. Consumers increasingly want products made from sustainable materials.

Raw materials that we take from nature should be used for as long as possible. MBM therefore started to develop a replacement for tropical teak before the turn of the millennium: This is how our garden furniture was made from Resysta - a material that consists of around 60% rice husks (a residue from the food industry).

Resysta garden furniture looks like wood, feels like wood, but is also more durable.



You will no longer find weather-sensitive wood or even teak from rainforests in our furniture - that's a promise. It's been a long time for furniture made of Resysta. To protect our rainforests worldwide.

This is not only underlined by the presentation of various awards, but also scientifically substantiated.

The material Resysta has already received the following awards:

We - MBM - produce the sustainable garden furniture ourselves

We have to decide to go in the right direction. MBM has been successfully producing garden furniture from Resysta for almost 70 years.

Like real wood, Resysta can be processed by carpenters. The work steps from the raw material to the finished garden furniture differ only slightly from wood processing. In addition, there are opportunities for carpenters and furniture manufacturers, such as new shapes using the material Resysta, which would not be possible with wood.



Our garden furniture made of Resysta

Our Swan garden chair, which is made of Resysta, was even awarded the German Design Award 2021: The award sets standards when it comes to the most innovative design developments and competitiveness on the global market. Only projects that are groundbreaking in the German and international design landscape are awarded. With the attributes "high quality, stylish and at the same time sustainable" is ours Garden chair Swan stuck out.

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