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Cosy Lounge Cushions & Chests for Storage

Anyone who can call a pretty garden their own should consider themselves very lucky these days. Still, fresh air, flowering plants and a blue sky can only be really enjoyed with an optimally equipped lounge and seating area.

For this reason, we at MBM have made it our mission to produce and sell the cosiest and highest-quality outdoor cushions. Matching our lounge garden furniture, the wide variety of cushions in our range ensure even more cosiness and an incomparably luxurious feeling of relaxation.

The right cushions for your lounge, seating & cosy corner

Whether you are looking for matching cushions for your MBM garden chairs or want to create a cosy nest out of your Love Lounge, our cushions offer the ideal retreat for relaxing thanks to their high-quality foam core. In addition to comfort, our cushions also impressively feature special MBM Membrano technology, which means you don’t have to worry about potential weather changes.

The fine and thin acrylic fibres, which in some of our cushions are combined with cotton and Dralon fibres to create the ideal outdoor blend, reliably keep out moisture and dirt. At the same time, the foam core ensures ideal ventilation so that no mould can develop even after heavy rain.

If you do decide to clean your cushions after a year of use and then store them in our cushion chests, you can do this without hesitation. The practical zip allows the covers to be removed quickly and treated gently with our care products.

Even after many years of use and strong UV radiation, our chair, back and designer outdoor seat cushions always remain colourfast. This way, you can take advantage of the wide range of muted and strong colours to your heart’s content and design your seating area completely according to your own ideas.

Practical chests for storing your MBM cushions

To store your lounge cushions in winter or during a holiday, we offer matching cushion chests. The 5 modern colours and the natural-looking Mirotex weave mean that the chests can be stylishly integrated into any garden, where their 950 litre volume provides enough space for 5 lounge seat cushions and 5 lounge back cushions.

The large cushion chests are fitted with protective plexiglass and silicone seals on the inside to keep out moisture and any vermin. Thanks to the height-adjustable aluminium feet, the chests can be placed anywhere in the garden, even on uneven ground. While the cushions are in use, they can of course also be filled with garden utensils to create further storage space.

Our cushions and cushion chests are the ideal companions throughout the year and in all weather conditions. Thanks to high-quality materials and meticulous workmanship, our products not only offer ideal protection against moisture, UV radiation and dirt, but also unique comfort.