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Exclusive Decoration for Garden, Terrace, Balcony and Outdoor Accessories

Wood in multiple curved shapes – designers have been dreaming of this possibility for a long time. Now, the material FUREMA enables us to provide elegant garden decoration that appears like wood. It has the look and feel of fine tropical wood and is thermoformable at the same time. The Dutch designer Ed van Engeren has taken up these characteristics in creating these outdoor accessories made of FUREMA. Thanks to its durability and sturdiness, high-quality garden décor made of FUREMA is the ideal accessory for your outdoor area. All MBM outdoor accessories made of FUREMA are handmade with special care. The key lies in giving each individual piece the well-proportioned lines found in the design template. Let yourself be enchanted by the beautiful, organic shapes of the MBM outdoor accessories!

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Elegant garden decoration made of FUREMA for long-lasting enjoyment

Here at MBM, we are convinced that FUREMA is really something special. Because the remarkable material is not only sustainable, but also weather-resistant and recyclable. Ideal properties, therefore, for our exclusive garden décor. Thanks to FUREMA, the high-quality garden decoration by MBM looks and feels like it is made of fancy tropical wood. However, it actually consists of rice husks, rock salts and mineral oil, meaning not a single tree has to be felled to produce it. The MBM FUREMA also impresses with its excellent stability; it does not turn grey and its workmanship is of a particularly high quality. Read more about the material of our outdoor accessories here. 

Outdoor accessories – Space is the true luxury

With regard to all the outdoor accessories that are not made of FUREMA, you’re probably familiar with the following problem: Even the best cushions and the highest quality garden decorations lose some of their attractiveness the longer they spend outdoors. Rain, large trees or other environmental influences all leave their mark on your outdoor accessories. So where to put all those wonderful cushions and high-quality garden decorations when you don’t need them for a while? MBM has the solution: Our cushion chests are not only spacious, but also protect their valuable contents from many a rain shower thanks to the waterproof lid. And what’s more, they have a stylish look!

If you have any further questions about exclusive decoration for the garden and terrace or design tips for your outdoor area, our MBM service team will be happy to advise you. We can also answer any questions you may have regarding the FUREMA material and care. Contact us by email or phone; we will be happy to answer any questions you may have!