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Outdoor living room – an oasis of well-being in your garden or terrace

Having your own garden is a real privilege in this day and age. Unfortunately, however, the weather often throws a spanner in the works here in Germany; unused garden areas in spring and summer are the result.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t take much to enjoy nature to its fullest and listen to the chirping of the birds. A cosy outdoor living room provides a peaceful retreat when everyday life gets to be too much. Here’s how to turn your garden into a feel-good oasis in just 5 steps.

In 5 steps, you can transform your garden and terrace into an oasis of well-being or a cosy outdoor living room

An outdoor living room is an ideal alternative to a winter solarium. With a roof, you’ll be able to enjoy your garden even in rainy weather in the future. Just imagine snuggling up in your lounge corner with a blanket and a good book and watching the rain pattering down. Too good to be true, right?

1) Spring cleaning on the terrace – the foundation for your oasis of well-being

When the first flowers start to sprout, it’s the perfect time to give your patio and garden furniture a spring clean. Weeds that have made their way through the joints during the winter should now be removed. After sweeping, you can now clean your terrace more thoroughly.

For both wooden and stone terraces, simply use a brush, water and neutral soap. The subsequent care with a special terrace oil closes cracks, maintains the substrate and makes the terrace look like new again.
Your furniture can also be cleaned according to this principle. You should check plant pots and vases for damage. Before re-potting, it is also advisable to remove moss from the containers. When the terrace and garden look like new again, the outdoor living room is ready.

2) Set up lounge furniture for stylish cosiness

Cosy lounge furniture is now a dime a dozen. Whether you opt for a free-standing sofa or a covered lounge is, of course, entirely up to your personal preferences. Matching side tables complete the look and provide storage space and practicality.

When buying your outdoor living room furniture, look for the right materials above all. Teak, natural materials, stainless steel and aluminium are weather-resistant and can withstand cold temperatures. This ensures that your cosy oasis of well-being will withstand multiple summers and winters.

3) Cushions set colourful accents; the advantage of cosinessd das Plus an Wohnlichkeit

To turn your outdoor living room into a cosy lounge, you’ll need lots of cushions. Here, too, you can give free rein to your personal style. Will you opt for the playful version with colourful cushions in different sizes? Or do you prefer a classic selection of cushions in neutral colours?

4) The right lighting with lanterns and candles ensures optimal cosiness

An illuminated garden adds incomparable charm on warm summer evenings. Again, the options are almost endless; for example, you can hang fairy lights in the trees and on the frame of your garden lounge. Lanterns, lanterns and warm floor and table lamps also create an enchanted atmosphere.

Especially in summer, solar-powered lamps are best, because they are kinder to the environment. Candles are also always a beautiful natural source of light that will play with the wind and nature – only under supervision, of course.

5) A garden bar for a casual evening in the outdoor living room

A garden outdoor bar is the ideal way to share your new oasis of well-being with others. It doesn’t matter whether they were custom-created or purchased ready-made: A garden bar is ideal for hosting summer parties with friends and enjoying long evenings with guests. A fruity Lillet or a sparkling gin are particularly popular in hot temperatures!