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Lounge corner garden design – 3 good ideas from the floor to décor

A cosy lounge corner takes your garden design to a new level. Living room-style lounge furniture such as armchairs, loungers and matching side tables are the perfect alternative to conventional garden furniture.

A garden lounge invites you to spend hours talking with friends, relaxing from everyday life and playing games with the family. Here are our most important tips and ideas for designing your lounge corner. In addition to the right foundation, we tell you how to put together your lounge and which decorative items are essential.

Idea 1 – The foundation: Selecting a space and suitable surface

Of course, you can always place your lounge corner exactly where you want it to be. After all, almost every surface has its advantages and disadvantages; if you place your lounge furniture directly on the lawn, you will have to move it every time you mow the lawn to avoid destroying the surface in the long term. Nevertheless, this is probably the most natural and romantic spot for a cosy lounge.

Of course, a lounge corner also looks good on the terrace. Note, however, that floor care should not be neglected here either; wood probably looks best in combination with cosy lounge furniture, but it should also be maintained regularly. For this, unfortunately, it is necessary to move your furniture at least once a year in order to provide the floorboards with an appropriate protective coating. This is important for protecting the wood from moisture and cracking.

Even with stone flooring, there are still some maintenance tasks involved. After the winter, any weeds that have grown through the joints should be removed. Regular sweeping and cleaning is also necessary to maintain your terrace.

Idea 2: The centrepiece – lounge furniture for a garden lounge corner

After selecting and preparing the location, the next step is to buy suitable lounge furniture. Loungers are usually offered in combination with large armchairs with thick support surfaces. Matching side tables with a fairly low height provide storage space, but larger tables may also come into question for summer parties or for eating in a group. In general, there are no limits to your imagination when furnishing the lounge corner.

But when it comes to the materials of your lounge furniture, you should find out about weather durability beforehand. Make sure that cushions, linings and mattresses as well as the furniture itself are waterproof and colourfast. Natural materials and also stainless steel and aluminium are usually well suited for lounge furniture. Rugs are also a beautiful addition, but should be removed when it rains.

Idea 3: The finishing touch – decorations for your garden lounge corner

The way you decorate your garden lounge corner can also create a feel-good atmosphere. It is therefore best to match the decorative items to your garden design to create a harmonious effect. If you like things playful, colourful cushions and fairy lights might be a nice choice. Lanterns can also turn your garden into a fairytale paradise on balmy summer evenings.

If you prefer things simple and classic, choose elegant furniture and large lamps in soft colours. Natural colours such as sand and brown tones can be stylishly combined. Thick candles scattered around the garden, together with planted garden tubs, create a romantic and elegant look that puts your lounge area in the perfect light.