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The resistance of stainless steel makes it a particularly durable and robust material, which is why it is ideally suited for the production of outdoor furniture. The stainless steel is elaborately brushed by hand and treated with a special oil to protect it against rust and dirt.

Designer garden furniture metal – stainless steel

At MBM, we place particular emphasis on quality and high value when it comes to our outstanding garden furniture. This is also reflected in the material selection of our designer garden furniture made of metal and iron. Metal is just as robust as it is resistant. Our metal garden furniture is also hand-crafted and exudes an elegant charm. Discover our luxury garden furniture in metals such as wrought iron, stainless steel and aluminium.

Properties of high-quality stainless steel

The high-quality metal designer garden furniture made of stainless steel that you can find at MBM has numerous positive features. First and foremost, these pieces are sturdy and easy to care for, but always look good. In addition, our outdoor furniture made of stainless steel is also characterised by the following features:  

  • Stainless (flash rust is possible when exposed to seawater or chlorinated water)
  • Durably weather resistant

Advantages of stainless steel

Designer garden furniture made of stainless steel is produced with great care, so you benefit from many advantages:

  • Elaborately brushed by hand
  • Treated with special oil against rust and dirt
  • Professional welding using the TIG process
  • cavity profiles

Cleaning & care of stainless steel

Clean your stainless steel garden furniture with water and a mild soap solution or commercially available cleaning agents. In case of slight rust formation (flash rust), we recommend removing it immediately with a household sponge and treating it with stainless steel cleaner.