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Resysta garden furniture

Our garden furniture from the "Furema" collection is made from the material Resysta. Visually and haptically it hardly differs from wood, but it is also sustainable and resistant to sun, rain and snow, for example.

FUREMA garden furniture - products made from an extraordinary material

MBM stands for high value and quality in all areas. That's why we prefer the material FUREMA for ours exclusive garden furniture. Our FUREMA products combine luxury with durability, so you will enjoy them for a long time. Here you can find out everything you need to know about the FUREMA material.

Get to know the material FUREMA for garden furniture

FUREMA products are extremely durable and at the same time sustainable. The fibre-reinforced hybrid material from which MBM FUREMA makes garden furniture consists of approx. 60% rice husks, approx. 22% rock salt and approx. 18% mineral oil. This structure makes it environmentally friendly on the one hand and resistant to external influences such as sun, rain, snow or salt water on the other. In addition, FUREMA garden furniture is extremely easy to care for and can hardly be distinguished from real tropical wood both visually and haptically. The high-quality material creates completely new application possibilities for outdoor furniture.

material properties

The MBM FUREMA garden furniture impresses with its fibre-reinforced hybrid material. This consists of:

  • approx. 60% rice husks
  • approx. 22% rock salts
  • approx. 18% mineral oil

Find out more about the exceptional properties of FUREMA garden furniture here:

  • 100% no wood
  • 100% no WPC
  • Easy care
  • weatherproof
  • Long life
  • Recyclable
  • High UV resistance
  • No chipping of colors
  • No fungus and mold infestation

Why FUREMA garden furniture is not only sustainable and durable

With FUREMA garden furniture you benefit from a number of advantages. The material is not only sustainable and durable, but also gives your garden furniture a noble shine that cannot be overlooked.

  • Looks like wood and feels like wood
  • High quality manufacturing
  • Allows completely new shaping (in contrast to wood)
  • Protect the rainforest
  • No graying
  • Outstanding stability through combination with reinforcing materials
  • Long durability

How to care for the products

Like all objects that are constantly exposed to the weather (e.g. cars), FUREMA garden furniture also needs it, be it Garden chairs, lounge furniture, garden tables and much more, a certain amount of cleaning and care. The effort required for this was fortunately minimized as far as possible by our technicians thanks to the special refinement. By sealing with Resysta RFS the surface is closed. Thanks to this sealed structure, dirt particles only cling to the surface and can be easily removed with a gentle jet of water (e.g. garden hose) or a soft brush.

repair instructions

If your furniture shows slight signs of mechanical wear, these can be removed Resysta Furniture Regenerator (RFR) be treated. Minor injuries can Resysta Retouch Paint (RRP) color matched again. Heavily scratched or mechanically worn surfaces can be treated over the entire surface Resysta Refresh Coat (RRC) be renewed again, so that your garden furniture shines in full splendor again.

Before reapplying, we recommend cleaning the surfaces of your FUREMA furniture, sanding it lightly and then removing the sanding dust. The paint is applied according to the processing instructions. For the professional processor there is the possibility to sand down the surfaces completely and with Resysta Stain (FVG) and Resysta 2-component paint (RFS) to restore it to its original condition.